Lubricants and environment


The lubricant lifecycle begins from the oil well where crude oil is extracted and ends at the rectifying refinery for the production of the base lubricant (Βase Lube Oil).

In detail:

  1. Crude oil drilling and extraction and transportation to oil refineries.
  2. Primary base lubricant production (among other products).
  3. Mixing of the base lubricant with additives for the production, packaging and merchandise of lubricant products.
  4. Use of the lubricants until their properties’ effect is over.
  5. Replacement of the lubricants with new products.

Waste Lubricating Oil (LOW) is toxic waste produced in large amounts. It is hazardous because it contains lots of hazardous compounds which had been added or produced during their use (heavy metals, chlorine, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). It is obvious that bad practices and/or wrong waste disposal can be extremely dangerous both for human lives and the environment.

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