LPC S.A.-CORPORATION OF PROCESSING & TRADING OF LUBRICANTS & PETROLEUM PRODUCTS – (from now on COMPANY) created the network place www.cyclon-lpc.com in order to offer information and services in its users.

The use of the site www.cyclon-lpc.com is conditioned by the present terms and conditions, which the users are called to read carefully and to agree with them. The use of the above mentioned site involves the unconditional acceptance of present terms and conditions.

The COMPANY can, for any reason and without warning to change these Terms and Conditions. The users will consider the continuation of use of the web page, after the date of any changes in the Terms and Conditions, as direct and unconditional acceptance.


1.1. In no case the COMPANY has any responsibility against anyone or for any direct, indirect, resulting, positive or negative damage of any type, included the also moral damage, that is related with or arises from this web site or from any use of this or from any other network place or other source to which exist interconnection (link), reference or possibility of access from the present web site or for the use, loading (download) or possibility of access in any materials, information, products or services, included indicatively and no restrictively, any lost profits, loss of programs or other data, even in the case where the COMPANY has it is explicitly informed for the possibility results such damage.

1.2. The COMPANY does not provide any guarantee, direct or indirect, that the content of present web page will always be updated, sure, without faults, will correspond in the requirements of users and that the results that will emanate from the use will be reliable, precise and without faults. Moreover the COMPANY does not guarantee the plenitude of texts or the reliability of each advice, opinion, statement or other information that is reported or is sold in the present web site.

1.3. As resulting from the continuous developments, the information that is probably contained in this web page not is always completely informed and, for this reason, this information is provided in base “AS HAS” and in the way “THAT IS AVAILABLE”. The content of web page, as well as the information or the elements, that are contained in this (products, technical information, prices of products etc) being in changes per all moment and without warning the use of information that is received or stored from or via this web page lies exclusively in the crisis and constitutes responsibility of user. The user accepts that he should evaluate the content and that he is the person in charge for each danger that may be caused by the use of any content.

1.4 The content of this web page do not provide advices neither make any constitution/prompts neither it will be supposed it is considered as base for any decision or energy, invitation on investment or otherwise on attendance in action, or other securities of COMPANY.


2.1 The present web site as well as his content constitutes intellectual property of the COMPANY and is protected from Greek, European, but also international legislation for intellectual property,as well as all names of products that are reported in this web page constitute commercial signs of the COMPANY. The commercial names of other products, services and/or companies that are reported in the present place, likely they are commercial signs or commercial names of their corresponding legal beneficiaries. Your access in the present web page should not be considered as concession – direct or indirect – or with any other way, any authorisation or right of use of symbols that is presented in the present web page, without the previous legal written consent of the company or any third legal holder or their beneficiary.

2.2. The COMPANY permits the users to copy and print out extracts or documents from this web page (except with regard to content that it is possessed by third party and has been determined as such) on not commercial use for their part, since each copy or extract of this documents or pages, that it is acquired, it maintains the all intellectual rights or other statements of property and each refusal that is included in them.  All logos of the COMPANY and the commercial signs cannot be used without the previous written consent of the COMPANY.


All information that is provided in the COMPANY by the users of the present web page (included, but no exclusively, personal elements, know-how, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, extracts or other similar elements) is not considered confidential. The COMPANY can reveal, copy and use, all or part, of this information without restriction.


Some of the content of this web page can be possessed from third parts (e.g. articles, data or extracts) or exist links of hypertext that lead to web pages that are possessed by third party, which have the complete responsibility (legal or penal) for the safety, legal compliance or the validity of the content of the web pages and their services, excluded any responsibility of the COMPANY. The COMPANY simply provides these links for facilitation of the users of its web page. In any case the COMPANY does not carry any responsibility for the content of network places of third parties.


The use of software that is downloaded by this web page it rests exclusively in the crisis and evaluation of likely dangers from the user, who will be supposed to ensure that observes the terms, conditions and notes of use of software that is downloaded from this web page in his personal computer, as well as that the above-mentioned software is compatible with the computer and does not contain viruses.


The COMPANY keeps the right to change or withdraw any part or the entire web page at any moment and without previous notice. Any changes will be in effect from the next time when the user will visit the web page. The users of this web page are not eligible for any compensation because may be unable to use the services that are offered by this.


The COMPANY considers very important issue the safety of personal elements and data of the users of its web page and is in charge for the confidentiality guarantee of all personal information that is provided. The COMPANY does not sell, does not permit, or does not grant with any other way, personal elements/data that are willingly submitted by the visitors of the site to any third part. As such elements are comprehended the name, the address, the number of telephone and fax, as well as the electronic address (e-mail address).

These data are not to be used for undesirable communication. Notification of these elements in a third party is possible only after authorisation of the visitor of web page.

The COMPANY is able to make use of impersonal statistical data (type browser, age, sex, geographic locality) aiming at the continuous improvement of web site and aiming at the benefit of better services. The COMPANY is not to communicate by any way this information to a third part (with the exception of where she is forecasted by the Law and the responsible authority), but is safeguarded personal management and protection of personal data of user of this web page is conditioned by the present terms and conditions and the Greek legislation (N. 2472/1997 as is in effect, N. 3471/2006, Decisions and Directives of Authorities for Protection of Personal Data). If a user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data that are forecasted in the present terms owes not to use the services of the present web page.


The web page is addressed in common adults, as are the investors and the individuals that seek information with regard to the COMPANY, the products and/or her services. The COMPANY does not assemble neither intends or assembles information from or with regard to children. In any case we recommend in under ages to ensure always the authorisation of their parents before from the mission of their personal elements in the web page of COMPANY.


9.1 Your attribute as user of this web page is intended for your individual and consequently it should not be shared with other individual.

9.2 You are the person in charge for the benefit of all equipment that is required for the access in the web page and for the all-relative charges of third parts e.g. telephone charges and charges of supplier of Internet services.

9.3 You agree to use the present web page only according to these terms. In the case where the not permitted use of this web page from your part has as result the damage for any person or entity who afterwards causes claim against the COMPANY, you agree to compensate the COMPANY for the all losses and /or damage that may result from such a claim.

9.4 As user of this web page you undertake the obligation:

  1. You do not act, at the use of web page, voluntarily or involuntarily, on the contrary in any legal or regulating requirements of any responsible beginning that have jurisdiction in you or in any activity that you undertake, to use the web page in order to take access of the systems of the COMPANY or networks of third parts.
  2. You do not use the web page in order to carry out enterprising activity or other activities or you contribute in activities that are prohibited from the law.
  3. To use the web page on the transmission of any material that is defamatory, offensive or of threatening character or which forces the rights of third parts, or for the aim of challenge of perturbation, harassment, or pointless concern in any third part, or to dispatch messages which you know that they are false or to make use of web page on such aims.
  4. You immediately inform the COMPANY with regard to any claim or action of any nature against you for any use of web page and, after an application from the COMPANY, you immediately interrupt the action for which became the accusation.


If any article or part of the above terms is considered as not applicable, it will influence the validity and the possibility of application of remainder terms. These Terms represent the total agreement between each user and the COMPANY and condition the access and the use of web page from the side of users. These Terms predominate each other written agreement that may want it or exists between each user and the COMPANY in combination the use of this web page.

These Terms are conditioned and interpreted according to the Greek Legislation and exclusively responsible for the resolution of any difference are the Courts of Athens.