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TriboACT Formula®, registered by LPC, stands for technological innovation in lubrication. Cyclon lubricants blended with TriboACT Formula® outperforms in wear protection, engine durability and fuel economy.

TriboACT® is an additive system that is based on the extra strong chemical interaction of various polarity ingre­dients included within.

The robust & synergistic action of TriboACT®’ components boost the lubricant’s critical tribological characteristics:

  • Oil film consistency in the valve train
  • wear control in the piston and rings area
  • Clean-ability in the turbocharger region
  • fuel economizing benefits.

The success behind TriboACT® is the result of more than 35 years of experience and substantial investments in formulating, testing and blending to create superior technology products that do deliver more.

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