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GEAR SYN G XL is a long life, low viscosity fluid, designed for use in all ZF manual and automated manual commercial transmissions. Based on a premium synthetic basestock and a very advanced anti-wear, EP additive system, it provides for excellent low temperature fluidity giving improved protection and smooth gear shifts at low temperatures. Due to its excellent thermal and oxidative stability, it extends the life of transmission and lubricant extending drain intervals, as well as reducing service needs. It is characterised by its broad synchroniser compatibility. It is specially formulated for use in heavily loaded manual and automated manual synchronized transmissions running under very severe conditions (in terms of load, speed or temperature variations). It is, also, suitable for use in differentials (in the absence of a torque hypoid). A particularly wellsuited fluid for the purpose of meeting ZF’s extended drain intervals, with/without ZF-Intarder/retarder and for global OEMs (such as Renault Trucks, DAF, MAN, Iveco, etc.).

API GL-4; MAN 341 Type E-3, 341 Type Z-4; Volvo 97305; ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 08, 13,
Meets: Eaton Europe (300.000 km/3 years), DAF, IVECO, Renault Trucks (B0032/2
Annex 3)

See here the product's technical guide

See here the MSDS of the SAE 75W-80

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  • $ 100 Monthly
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  • $ 100 Monthly
    • 75W-80
    • 75W-80
    • 75W-80
  • $ 100 Monthly
    • 20L (PAIL)
    • 4 x 4L
    • 12 x 1L
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