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A nitrite-, amine-, phosphate-, silicate- and borate-free coolant based on ethylene glycol. It contains OAT corrosion inhibitors that effectively protect the vital parts of the cooling system against corrosion and deposits for a very long time. It must be diluted with water before use. It exceeds the requirements of all major car manufacturers. Mixed with water, it provides for outstanding protection against frost, corrosion and heating in all modern vehicles, especially those with aluminium engines. It provides effective protection for long periods. Suitable for heavy trucks (650,000km) and passenger cars (250,000km). A 50% dilution provides frost protection down to -40°C.

BS 6580:2010; VW TL-774D, TL-774F; GM 6277; Ford WSS-M97B44; Daimler MB 325.3; MAN 324 Type SNF; MTU MTL 5048; Volvo 1286083

See here the product's technical guide

See here the product's MSDS

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