CYCLON MAGMA SYN M/FE 0W-20 is a top-tier, 100% synthetic, very low viscosity, OEM-specific engine oil engineered with TriboACT® Formula. it offers maximum performance and wear protection under the most extreme service conditions. Due to its 100% synthetic nature and advanced midSAPS chemistry, it will retain its rheological characteristics and maintain the reliable operation of the latest high-performance engines, hybrid powertrains and after-treatment systems, which OEMs are introducing to meet European emissions limits for 2021 and beyond. It demonstrates improved fuel efficiency and proven bio-fuel protection to meet tightening CO2 emissions legislation, superior cleanliness, friction/wear protection, sludge control and polymer materials compatibility. It is specifically designed for high performance engines (including certain in mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid configurations) requiring a highly fuel efficient and low consumption oil that will prove its superior rheological characteristics and easy pumpability.

SAE 0W-20
ACEA C5; MB 229.71; Jaguar-Land Rover STJLR 51.5122, STJLR 03.5006
Level: Ford WSS-M12R536-A

See here the 0W-20 product's technical guide

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