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Fully synthetic, low SAPS motor oil for modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with or without extended service intervals. Specially developed for Peugeot και Citroen (PSA) turbocharged vehicles with exhaust after-treatment systems following PSA B71 2290 specification requirements. It provides optimum cold starting, lower oil consumption, increased fuel savings (FE≥2,5%) and enhanced sludge and deposit reduction. Ιt is, also, suitable for use in Toyota and FIAT diesel engines requiring a quality oil of ACEA C2 level and for other passenger cars where ACEA A5/B5 or API SN are sought.

ACEA C2-12; ACEA A5/B5; API SN; PSA B71 2290. Επίπεδο: Fiat 9.55535.S1. Πληροί τις απαιτήσεις: Honda, Toyota

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  • CODE
    • JM03001
    • JM03004
    • JM03007
    • JM03008
    • JM03009
    • 5W-30
    • 5W-30
    • 5W-30
    • 5W-30
    • 5W-30
    • 208L
    • 20L (PAIL)
    • 4 x 5L
    • 4 x 4L
    • 12 x 1L
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